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Work Me Smoke You

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All for another smile...

The city we dream in...

Between all these miles...

Became it's own moon...

And rose tonight...

Area Rug 51

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Homedub Cassette, Digipak CD (6 Tracks, 20m)
Edition of 50

The Invisible Hand

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Cassette (20 Tracks, 59m), Digipak CD, DVD,
Floppy Disk (7 Tracks)

Space Chimney (T-Shirt)

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Space Chimney (Snapback Cap)

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Black / Heather Gray


Yung Crystal


Released December 3rd, 2021
Written and Produced by: Space Chimney, Jason Goodman
Additional Engineering by: Dylan Gleit
Video by: Space Chimney

The Invisible Hand (Visual Album)


Released October 02, 202
Written and Produced by: Space Chimney
Video by: Space Chimney
Special Thanks: Mark Davis

ماهی مرداب Mahi Mordab (Immaculate Divinity)


Released March 20, 2020
Written and Produced by: Space Chimney
Mix: Jason Goodman, Dylan Gleit
Master: Jason Goodman
Artwork by: Space Chimney, Nahid Vasighi (@mandolin_dolin), Alireza Rezaie (@hormozrezaie)

08 System Bonanza


Released November 22, 2019
Written by: Space Chimney
Video by: Space Chimney
Produced by: Space Chimney & Jason Goodman
Master by: Jason Goodman