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Rated ‘Best In Class’ by JD Power & Associates for Vaporwave Newcomers 2020, Space Chimney abrades both musical and cultural conventions.

Justin, 34, ex. hardcore / indie rock guitarist from Queens, NY and Elaheh, 35, ex. singer and screenplay writer from Tehran, Iran fatefully met one summer’s eve in 2015. He and she spoke of their love of making music, and after falling in love themselves, started Space Chimney in November 2019.

Now based in Brooklyn, NY, the transient two-piece meddles with songwriting, sound making, video creation and story telling akin to a child taking apart a complex piece of electronics. Space Chimney’s animating music is something nostalgic, but invitingly unfamiliar.

Working with a blend of live instrumentation, vocals and samples – Space Chimney is heavily sensitive to rock and synthesis, associating at times with soft and intimate arrangements. Their debut full length album The Invisible Hand travels through vaporwave, synthwave, garage-rock, grunge and pop on its radial 20 song journey. Their song Decent Wizards placed on Spotify’s editorial playlist for Vaporwave in October 2020, a month after the album’s release.

Space Chimney has ambitiously sought to progress their presence in 2020, and despite the global pandemic has managed to release 24 tracks and record an additional unreleased 10 in their first year. Hoping to see a stage in the near future – Space Chimney continues to blast away as fast as they can.

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